The New Beginning

Well, after thinking for awhile, I am still unclear as to where, when or how exactly I should start my blogging experience.  I have ideas for the future – new house, book reviews, devotions, travels – but where do I start.

After two years of traveling around the States and the world, being stationary is a strange concept.  But that’s what I’ve been doing.  And this will continue as I move to Minnesota and start working a “real” job.  Could get exciting…. Exciting in the sense that it’s new to me, and I think will allow me to reflect on life issues, my beliefs and give room to continue to enjoy the little moments that make life fun, exciting, meaningful.

So, this may not be too exciting, but more is in store.  I’m sure there will be updates about the move, couch surfing while I have a job but am waiting for the house, music with my housemates, outings as I explore the city and more.


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