Current Thoughts

The other day the new (ish) president of the organization that I work for did a Q&A session via Google+. I could talk for awhile about what all was discussed, but 1) the video will be available to watch soon and 2) that’s not what I want to talk about right now.  The video chat made realize something… well a couple things.

  • Youth Encounter is still an awesome organization.  Yes, this is a transitional period, but that doesn’t change that we have done and are doing is good stuff.  Seriously, check us out if you don’t already know –
  • Tom, our president, is great.  He’s only been with us for 3 months or so.  And before becoming our president, he didn’t have much connection with Youth Encounter.  Yet, he still referred to “us” and “we” during the chat.  He has already become part of the team, and wants to bring people – staff, alumni, volunteers and donors – along with us.
  •  I think for awhile, especially the last couple weeks, it has been easy for me to get frustrated with my work.  But as I listened and had time to think, I realized that I was frustrated because things weren’t going how I thought they should be going.  There has been so much focus on what I did or didn’t want to do.  Not always knowing what a day is going to look like may be inconvenient for somebody who likes to plan like me – but I’m part of this team, and in a time of transition need to be flexible.
  • The reason behind everything is the Gospel.  This gets joked about some at trainings, but as a staff it is still true.  The reason I’m going to work everyday is to help people hear the Gospel.  And to share the love of the Gospel through my work and interactions throughout the day.

Maybe these haven’t been full thoughts, but that’s what I have for now.


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