Today’s Thought – Not Surprising

The other day I was talking to my coworker about how I wish that I blogged or even wrote in my journal more often.  I admit that part of me feels like there’s just too much going on to get it on to paper or a computer screen.  But that may be thinking too highly of how much brain activity is actually happening.  Honestly, most of it comes down to not know where to start.  This isn’t a surprise to me – I have plenty of things I would like to discuss, sometime it’s hard to just stick with one thing at a time.

So this is a brief entry, just to remind myself that I have a blog and should probably be using it.  Goodness, even if I didn’t have all the ideas, some friends have offered really good suggestions as well.  So hopefully this will become a more regular thing.

Today’s thought is that something that I regular am surprised by, really shouldn’t be all that surprising.  I would say that at least once a week I think to myself “Wow, it’s so surprising or cool or interesting that the Bible verse from the sermon/devotion/email from a friend is very relevant to what is going on in my life currently.”  Maybe some of you have had this thought before, too.  But really, should it be that much of a shock??

We are known by the God who calls us His children.  He has adopted and redeemed us.  He created us and knows us intimately.  He desires to spend time with us.  So wouldn’t he know, and want to communicate truth that is relevant to our life?  Yes.  Yes he would.  So the next time this happens, after you have the moment of surprise, try to turn it back to praise for a God who is awesome.


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