Adjusting Focus (6/13/15)

This is my third time on team.  So by now the schedule, the processes, the lifestyle should be fairly normal to be, right? While all the guidelines are the same – my teammates, the places we are going, my team jobs and I myself am different from the last time I was on team.

Heading into our first week of Vacation Bible School, I was feeling overwhelmed.  Being  a summer team, we had only been together for about two weeks.  One of my roles this summer is working on our schedule – both with the churches and for the team.  It’s not something I’m used to doing.  As we went to our first stop, I was excited because it was a camp – and magical times happen at camp.  But there was no internet and limited cell service.  How was I supposed to prepare for VBS?!?  What would I schedule for our team?  I couldn’t work on what the team was going to need.  If you know me, this just is not an ideal situation.  I like to plan and I like to take care of people around me.  I felt overwhelmed with my inability.

We took some time in the morning to just be at camp and with God.  Overwhelmed was all I felt, and the word that kept circling my mind.  And then these lyrics came to mind:

God, I run into Your arms

Unashamed because of mercy

I’m overwhelmed, I’m overwhelmed by You.

The lies had been winning.  My situation was drowning out truth.  I had lost focus of my source.  God reminded me in those lyrics that HE is the one that should be overwhelming.  His love, humility and grace, the way he created the trees, the mountains, you and I – this is truly overwhelming.  And the way He shows up when you need it (and are paying attention).

Our team ate dinner in small groups, and I had such a good time with my group.  One of the counselors was even from Tanzania, so I got to sing in Swahili with him.  And then our team led campfire worship – which was so much fun and took me back to some of my times at camp.  Not only did God fill me, but used my team to fill the camp staff before they started their summer.

Sometimes you just need to adjust your focus.


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