Taking the Next Step

My last post before starting Mission Year. I’ve had three weeks to think about what to say, how I feel heading into this year, but apparently that hasn’t been enough time to formulate something well put together for a blog post.

It’s strange to be back at a place where my future is fairly uncertain. Yes, I’ll be in Houston and living with seven other young adults. But I’ve never been to Houston. I don’t know these people (though experience with Youth Encounter tells me that they’re probably great people). My service site is still ambiguous. The church I’ll attend? No clue.

And yet, in reading the Bible and talking with friends, there is peace about this next step in my journey. One friend told me of a friend who has a similar “wanderer’s spirit” and the joy, struggles and encouragement she is. Another reminded me not to worry – about how my past will influence this year, about the present (packing, travel) about the future interactions with my house, neighbors, etc. Just let the worry go and be present. Be willing to be the person God made me.

One of my teammates challenged me to have a focus word/phrase/verse for either the semester or year. After some thinking I came up with one for this semester:
“be transformed by the renewing of your mind”
It comes from Romans 12:2. I want this fall to be a time of understanding. I know that the weight of this world, the lies being fed to me require a daily renewing of my mind – that I could start each day fresh in Christ. And I want this time as I begin to learn about Houston, my neighbors, my teammates to be a time where I can see Jesus in them. My perceptions may need to change. There will be struggles and confusion. But there will also be joy, laughter, victory as God reveals Himself in all these areas.


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