Introductions (finally)

The thought ran thru my mind that I will be referencing Third Ward and my teammates often in these blog posts.  As most of you are not here, and likely haven’t met these people, I should probably give you a context for future stories.

Third Ward… It is a neighborhood that has been growing on me since we arrived back in early September. I now live with seven other Mission Year-ers (teammates?) in a neighborhood where we are the minority (possibly the only white people).  This fact is only obviously strange now when my teammates and I get strange looks at bus stops, and people say, “Are you sure you live here?” or, “Make sure you stay safe.”  Honestly, I wasn’t thinking about staying out late anyway, but I’m glad that my neighbors are looking out for my team and I.  There is a local restaurant, Cream Burger, that we frequent to support locals thru mass milkshake consumption.  And we live thankfully close to one of the Metro trains and several of the Metro bus lines.  Public transportation is not always reliable, but overall I’m enjoying not having to drive in Houston traffic.

As for my team – We are a group pf young adults who are seeking to live counter-culturally.  We have differences, and we’re still learning what all of those differences are, but that’s part of being a community. So, in age order:


Josh is the youngest, but he makes up for it by being a deep thinker.  He is unashamed in asking questions to better understand a situation, person or reference.  Definitely a musician (he just got his guitar at the house!) Fun Fact: Often times you find him “perching” on chairs or even the counter.


Maggie works with me at Tejano – currently as the librarian.  I would describe her as one who is vocal about her passions, and willing to protest if needed.  She brings plenty of laughter to our group and loves Mexico.  Fun Fact: She is a prankster and loves Shane Claiborne.


BJ is a true Southern gentleman.  Hailing from South Carolina, this guy loves his sweet tea. He exudes positivity and hasn’t met a person that he doesn’t love.  Fun Fact: One of his nicknames is Tank.


Kailynne, as a runner, brings tons of energy to our group.  She keeps our group healthy – in good eating and through her love of cleaning dishes!  Fun Fact: As much as she loves eating healthy, she also has sweet tooth.


McKenzie is a 15th Century villager.  Not really, but she is versed inthe art of storytelling and loves poetry and farming (worked on a farm this past summer).  She comes home from work with stories and passion to share with the whole house. Fun Fact: She also loves contra dancing.


Tommy is the bread winner of our house.  And by that, I mean he makes us homemade breads… the really good kind.  He is an avid reader and theologian, willing to challenge his own ideas as well as ours.  Fun Fact: He almost became a monk.


And Leah is our fearless leader.  She is back in Houston for her 2nd year and we love her!! She is from rural New York and brings some spunk to the house.  All the while she is able to be both friend and humble leader to us.  Fun Fact: She loves Jimmy Fallon and goats.

That’s our group!  We have enjoyed plenty of laughter and creating delicious meals in the kitchen.  I can only imagine what the rest of the year holds for us – in faith, fun, and community!201510_missionyear_solituderetreatblog_46_web


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