Alright.  Not sure what all is going to be said during this, but I’m at the library for some internet, and figured I should make some sort of update.

I went home for winter/Christmas break.  How great it was to spend some time with family, enjoying amazing food and laughter with loved ones that I don’t see often enough.

I’ve been back now for a week.  The students are back at the school where I work.  My housemates and I have gotten back into our wonderful, albeit tough at times, routine and rhythm of community life – early morning devo, cooking for 8 people, prayer, etc.

The whole leaving/having a break and returning has been more unscripted than I expected.  Plans were very flexible at home, which left me time to just relax.  Being back in Houston is much different than being at home.  Not that either is bad, but it’s taken some getting used to – being back in community.

Ah, community.  Something I enjoy, yet know is difficult.  Community being a ragtag group of people, choosing to live together (or near each other) and do lots (in our case ALL) of life together.  People with whom you share joys and pains and tears and laughter… lots of laughter at our 3rd Ward house.  Community.  It doesn’t always make sense, but it is always good.  Tough love…. true love.  Community is living life unscripted.


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