Last post I said I would write about MLK and what he stood for, what he did for the country, how it’s still influencing us today.  I also wanted to write about what I feel like is in store for me (and my community?) this year.

I may not get to that….

Partly, I feel like I’ve waited too long on the MLK idea.  And I trust that what I would have written about will come up in future posts.  As for what’s in store for my life (and, by proximity, my housemates) – that also will just come out in my writing…

Because I plan to write more often!!  (For real this time).

Several conversations over the last week or so have spurred this on.  I do feel like there is so much happening around me and processing through because of community, the neighborhood, work, our curriculum and just living life.  Honestly, I may not have written as much earlier because there was TOO much to think about.

So I got an idea earlier this week. One “easy” place to start is if I just share about the Mission Year values.  There are eight, so that’s eight blog themes to start with.  And I know there is plenty to share about each of them.  And, in theory, the people who care about me, and what I’m doing, want to hear about them??  Hopefully I can write about one of the values each week.  The values of diversity, church partnership, solidarity, faith, community, justice, neighborhood and service – which are becoming MY values as I learn and lean into them for this year.

Be looking for those to come out soon (hopefully one or more?? each week). As always, feel free to send me suggestions for posts, or email/mail letters so I know what YOU are up to as well!


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