Church Partnership (1)

“Good morning family! Hug three people and tell ’em that you’re glad they made it to church today!”

This is a typical greeting at my church.  From the moment you walk in, there is a feeling of family and community.  This church “gets it” when it comes to making one feel welcome.

How grateful I am to be partnered with a church that cares so well for people.  As the first of the eight values, church partnership may seem simple.  But how valuable going to St John’s weekly proves to be.  During the year, my teammates and I are pouring into each other, the neighborhood and our work sites.  We challenge stereotypes and our own thoughts, actions and beliefs on a regular basis.  The need for a welcoming place to be filled, renewed and challenged is incalculable.

What do I love about my church?

  • Musicians with soul.  Seriously, amazingly talented and humbly leading the rest of the church to come before our God.
  • Passionate pastors.  The church is big, there are several pastors, and each one of them is incredibly passionate – about prayer, God, the people inside and outside of our church, justice and LOVE.
  • Holistic.  Our church looks to live out love and justice – whether building housing for those experiencing homelessness or a ministry for those in jail or providing opportunities for health check ups – St John’s understands its not just about the spiritual.
  • Freedom.  You can be you.  Doctors and teachers and people experiencing homelessness and single parents and those who identify as LGBTQ – all are sitting together – worshiping, loving and being loved.
  • And maybe this is obvious at this point, but community.  Within the walls, and outside, community is important.

This may have been disjointed, but that’s how my mind works sometimes.  St John’s (and my house community) take me where I am.  I am part of this body in Houston. The church, the body of Christ, here in Houston, is moving.


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