Small Joys

Earlier this week I was talking to somebody about how it can be tough for me to recognize the small steps forward (for myself & others), the little victories, the tiny moments that make you pause or smile.  I want those to be more obvious, but I just don’t notice any of them… or at least don’t give them much weight.

And yet, as I sit here for a FMF, I realize that I can look back on this week and notice several of them.

  • The routines in the morning and evening with different housemates
  • Sharing stories and snacks with one of the other teacher aides at my service site
  • Having a student ask a question and then give me a high-five (even if he stopped paying attention right after I left his desk)
  • One of my city directors taking time to sit and chat over dinner about how I had been processing life this past week, and wondering with me about the future.
  • A Houston gathering at the end  of 2nd trimester that was simply about speaking real truth into each other’s lives.
  • Getting authentic Mexican food for lunch with my awesome co-workers.

All of this in one week. Maybe it doesn’t mean much, but maybe it could.  So the challenge to myself, and to anybody who wants to take it, is to notice the small “goodness-es” in life.


See the beauty around us

Take time to show appreciation

Go out of your way for somebody

Give thanks

Relax and  enjoy being


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