Recently the topic of many conversations has been – the future.  What am I planning on doing in August?  How have I grown so far?  What do I want to push into during this last trimester of Mission Year?  Where will I be living in August?  There’s plenty for me to be thinking over. And trust me, I’ve spent probably too much time during the last few weeks thinking over the possibilities, searching for jobs and checking stats on different cities.  Recently, I’ve been asking others for their input (on my life) as well.  So the curriculum article for the past week was perfect for me.

“…the order that Jesus teaches us is the reverse.  It begins with God in solitude; then it creates a fellowship, a community with whom the mission is being lived; and finally this community goes out together..”

–Henri Nouwen

Can we quickly note that Jesus seems to always work in reverse?

Anyway, I’ve decided that I want to spend more time and thought on the idea of solitude and prayer. Yes, we have a quiet hour built into our house schedule. But it is easy for me to get busy – reading just to use the time or thinking about the day and all that needs to be done. And there are always my housemates, families, our neighborhood and friends to be praying for – which is good – but sometimes I forget to pray for my own life (Matthew 26:41).  To pray and communicate with God (which is a two-way street).

This idea of communication – which involves both talking and listening – may not be the most common.  And being somebody who tends towards independence and efficiency in time, stopping to listen can be tough.


“but you have to pray. you have to listen to the voice who calls you the beloved, because otherwise you will run around begging for affirmation, for praise, for success, and then you’re not free.”  – Nouwen

I need the time listening to God to know my identity.  Knowing my core identity – rooted in Christ and truth – allows me to live more freely. So, I’m trying.  Trying to take time and pause.  During quiet hour to not be so quick to talk at God, not so quick to read or write to fill up the time.  Trying to take time to listen to God – telling God what’s going on in my life and mind, and also listening to what God has to say – what truth He would speak into a situation.

Where do you need to pause?




As water reflects the face,
so one’s life reflects the heart.

Proverbs 27:19


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