April newsletter

Near the beginning of the month, my school went through the first week of state testing (the STAAR).  There was plenty of stress leading up to it – for both the staff and students, but we made it.  The students I work with had writing (7th), reading & math (8th) assessments this go around. Going through the process allowed me time and shared experience to get to know some teachers better, which was good.  And I think (hope) that there is more drive for the students and tests that are still to come in early May.

We’ve been reading The New Jim Crow by Dr. Michelle Alexander for curriculum recently, looking at our prison system, criminal justice and how our societal colorblindness impacts these issues.  My eyes are being opened to the range of discretion police officers have in stopping someone, why people may return to jail, how money impacts decisions by police and those convicted, and how flawed our laws may be. In connection to this book, we also attended a Black Lives Matter art viewing and panel discussion on Citizenship at Rice University.  It was great to hear local professors and students talk about how some of these issues impact their friends, our community and bring the book even more to life.  I highly encourage you to read the book, or even check out one of these articles to get a broader perspective.

In lighter news, we have also started a potted garden in our side/back yard area! More to come as we begin to enjoy the fruits (vegetables and herbs) of this venture!

Prayer requests!
  • Our neighbor, Miss Helen passed away – prayers for her family and our community, because she was a joy to all of us
  • We are planning our Justice Project – something to counter an injustice within our community
  • Our most frequent question these days is “What’s next?” – pray for wisdom as we trust and look to what God has in store for each of us in August (plus the ability to stay present)

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