Escape mediocrity


This graffiti is just a few blocks down from the house where I’m living in Third Ward, Houston.  The first time I saw it, I think I said aloud “Aw, yeah!!” But the more times that i pass by this, the more it sticks with me.

Two words.  In just two words, so much is said.  Escape mediocrity.  There is a sense from some people in our neighborhood that one needs to escape Third Ward in order to have a “good” life.  This idea needs to be challenged – keep the history and culture of Third Ward alive and celebrated.  Yes, there are tough parts about our neighborhood, but the people are amazing.

Escape mediocrity.  How easy would it be just to coast by in life?  To go with the flow and do what is “expected” with your life?  These two words challenge this.  There s more to your life.  Defy expectations and go after your dreams.

Where is the challenge for you in these words?  How would you respond to the idea of escaping mediocrity in your life?

Part of Mission Year in my house has been sharing our dreams with each other  Whether this is a day, week, month, next year, sometime-in-my-life dream.  We value sharing, speaking our dreams. No life can come to unspoken dreams.  No community can be built by one person.  Dreams are meant to be collaborations. Community is designed to push one another, to help dreams be molded and come to fruition.

So, dare to dream.  And then share those dreams.  Escape mediocrity.


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